Describe my art style to me


I dont usually do these, but im pretty curious, considering I have difficulty describing/defining my own style.

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here have an old scribble comic of cam being a shithole on a long falcons bus ride


derek mackenzie looking exactly like me if i were sitting next to ryan johansen

in case anyone was wondering what that would look like

monster cam atkinson started as a joke and it is still a joke but a VERY ANGRY JOKE AFTER THAT GAME

SELECT SCHOOL DOODLES, mostly from ap econ and some from ap art history at various levels of awakeness + mostly hockey and figuring out ocs

i feel like every year follows the same cycle starting with doodling … but with a purpose!! ie bigger more conventional and rigid stuff that i wouldn’t be as anxious about other people seeing. which is a real problem. i’m really … fidgety? in class when i’m just taking lecture notes and not finishing homework for other bells. but i’m also really nervous about people seeing what i’m drawing, even though none of it’s like … something to be nervous about. it just feels too personal, i guess. so as the year goes on and i get lazy i just switch to drawing stuff that’s on my mind/drawing ideas i’ve had for a while in little thumbnails that’re too small or messy to be distinguishable from a distance. it’s cool though to look back on cause it’s unrestrained and in the moment, even if it KIND OF SUCKS




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when will joe cannata move up the depth chart

i think him


and eddie


would be great


no self portrait i will ever draw will be as accurate as this one of me after most canucks games i drew after this canucks game while looking like this

i wish someone told me/i wish i’d realized sooner that as you transition from heavily stylized to more realistic generally the area the face is constrained to decreases relative to the head

and that the same applies as the viewer backs farther away (or the difference between a selfie and looking in the mirror)


i’m going to fucking MURDER 57001